Visi dan Misi



Pemerintahan desa yang profesional dan masyarakat yang mandiri untuk mewujudkan Jawa Barat maju dan sejahtera


Find a space and a daily time for the child to dedicate to reading, such as before going to sleep or just after snack. Creating a habit and making the child link that time to enjoy is the best way to enhance reading. Open the doors to digital reading. Reading and the digital world are more and more linked every day, with the arrival of tablets and mobiles, interactive books arrived in which the child builds his own story. We must try to adapt to new technologies and consider that paper and electronic ink are capable of coexisting perfectly. Reading can be seen as a way to enjoy and the widespread idea that reading is a solitary form of leisure has to be banished. Taking trips to the country to read, going to the park or taking advantage of Sunday mornings to read all together on the sofa are small gestures that both young and old will enjoy and that will help us encourage reading at home. The best way to get involved in our children’s readings is to proactively take an interest in their favorite titles, characters, and genres. Taking an interest in your readings, we encourage our son to continue reading and to feel appreciated. Boost your imagination by encouraging you to write your own stories and see that page. With reading, the imagination is triggered and the best way to bring out this creativity is by promoting that the child sits down to write. In addition, with these types of activities, children improve other aspects such as creativity, grammar, and spelling, making their learning somewhat didactic and interactive. An example is the best way to promote reading for the little ones. Children look for examples to look for and the first role models to be found at home, not only in parents but also in other family members.
  1. Meningkatkan kapasitas kelembagaan kehidupan sosial, budaya dan pengembangan partisipasi serta keswadayaan masyarakat.
  2. Meningkatkan Perekonomian masyarakat pedesaan.
  3. Meningkatkan Pemanfaatan Sumber Daya Alam (SDA )berwawasan Lingkungan dan Pendayagunaan teknologi tepat guna TTG.
  4. Meningkatkan kapasitas pemerintahan desa dan kelurahan.
  5. Meningkatkan infrastruktur pedesaan.


1.Meningkatnya kualitas dan profesionalisme pemerintahan desa.

2.Meningkatnya kualitas sumber daya aparatur desa.

3.Tersedianya dokumen perencanaan pembangunan desa.

4.Meningkatnya perkembangan desa.

5.Meningkatnya peran masyarakat dan kelembagaan desa dalam pembangunan perdesaan.

6.Meningkatnya strata posyandu multifungsi.

7.Membangun infrastruktur desa dan perdesaan.

8.Meningkatkanya jumlah innovator dan prakarsa berkontribusi dalam pembangunan di jawa barat.


  1. Peningkatan kinerja pemerintahan Desa / Kelurahan.
  2. Peningkatan pembeniaan bagi Aparatur Desa.
  3. Peningkatan kapasitas kelembagaan dan pratisipasi masyarakat dalam pembangunan.
  4. peningkatan infrastruktur pedesaan.
  5. meningkatkan peran masyarakat dalam pembangunan.


  1. Meningkatkan pembinaan pemerintahan desa / kelurahan.
  2. Meningkatkan Infrastruktur pedesaan.
  3. Meningkatkan perekonomian masyarakat miskin.
  4. Meningkatkan kapasitas kelembagaan dan partisipasi masyarakat.


  1. Pemantapan pemerintahan dan pembangunan desa.
  2. Peningkatan kapasitas kelembagaan dan partisipasi masyarakat.
  3. Peningkatan infrastruktur perdesaan.
  4. Peningkatan dan pembinaan peran serta masyarakat dalam pembangunan.